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BMW Collection

BMW Collection

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High quality and exclusive design under the sign of the professional GT racing team from Lonsee. In motor racing, the right balance in the racing car is crucial. Only a car in balance is able to win. Exactly this principle also applies to our exclusive Friends Collection. Excellent quality with unique MRS design at a balanced price.

Join us and our partners in one of the most emotional sports in the world - motor racing.

Secure your own MRS pole position with things that will make your life even better off the track.


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Our exclusive MRS Friend-Shop Collection is only available as an original product. The product range is constantly being expanded and offers for each of you a personal fan article or a unique and special gift in the distinctive style of the successful german GT racing team.


Unique, high quality and for the first time.

Only licensed products. 100% official merchandising. Guaranteed!


Free motorsport racing wallpapers for download

Stunning wallpapers for Apple iPhone / Apple iPad / Samsung Galaxy

All racing fans and friends of fantastic pictures will find the right background images for their mobile devices and high-resolution HD wallpapers for the desktop. All images are free to download. All wallpapers come from real life and were made by professional photographers mainly at the racetrack. These are therefore unique pieces that we only provide here completely free for personal use to our fans and friends.

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Unique, legendary and iconic - the MRS MOLIZEI porsche


Good news for motorsport fans and friends. The legendary MOLIZEI Porsche of team boss Karsten MOLITOR celebrates his COMEBACK!

adac-gt-masters It was already there at the beginning of the millennium, originally intended as a little fun on the occasion of a cup event in Istanbul. Since then, the legendary livery has become a cult factor of the MRS racing team.
At the final race of the ADAC GT Masters 2017 at the Hockenheimring in September 2017, a newer Porsche GT3 Cup model made its first appearance as MOLIZEI Porsche in race taxi rides for event guests of the MRS team.
It goes without saying that it is available, the ultimate MOLIZEI shirt in the MRS Friends Shop. Make sure you get your own item of the limited edition right before the MOLIZEI Porsche makes its way back to the racetracks of the world and does its job:
Hunt down the piste predators and kill them!

See you @ racetrack! #lifeisbetteronracetracks

Polos, T-shirts and much more

Polos, T-shirts and much more

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Customize your desktop

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